Performance-based Compensation

Nonprofits have to fight for every dollar of revenue – and that’s never been more true than it is today. That’s why they can’t afford to spend those dollars without getting a decent ROI.

NonProfit Solutions understands. That’s why we structure our compensation to minimize risk and maximize returns for our clients. Our Hidden Value Marketing Audit is performed for a fixed fee. Clients know the limits of their initial exposure.

More importantly, half of the compensation for the marketing communications we develop as a result of the Audit is based on achieving mutually agreed-upon goals. These goals could include:

  • Increasing membership in an organization by X% in Y amount of time
  • Raising awareness of the organization among one or more stakeholder groups
  • Developing formal alliances with specific target organizations
  • Increasing the number and/or quality of volunteers

What is your most pressing need?

The key here is that the marketing communications goals are developed with the client as part of the Marketing Audit and planning process. There are no surprises.