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    Nonprofits: Solve Your Marketing Problems

    We are a team of marketing professionals experienced in helping nonprofits realize opportunities and solve problems such as declining membership, inconsistent messaging, lack of recognition and more.

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    Meet John Bliss

    John knows how to build successful organizations in both the for-profit and nonprofit worlds. He founded his own public relations firm with one client and a secretary in 1975 and grew it over the next 35 years to fees of more than $5 million with 35 employees and offices in New York, Chicago and St. Louis.

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“Hidden Value” Marketing Audits

Hidden Value Marketing AuditMany organizations – whether nonprofit or for-profit – have assets they don’t know they possess. These assets can often mean the difference between growth and stagnation or, more dramatically, between succeeding or going out of business.

These assets are not necessarily financial although, properly deployed, they can have an enormous impact on the organization’s financial performance. They include items such as:

  • Stories about how the organization uniquely serves its stakeholders that can be leveraged into greater awareness, improved fundraising and more members
  • Statistics that can be used to create thought leadership and act as proof points for the stories noted above
  • Unique programs that can qualify for much-needed grant money

As marketing professionals, we understand the power of these assets and how to package and communicate them.  Give us a chance to find them and put them to work for you.

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Performance-based Compensation

Performance-based CompensationEven though the economy gradually seems to be improving, nonprofits must watch every dollar like proverbial hawks. Very few can afford to cut expenses more than they have in recent years, so they have to address the top line – revenue – to survive and prosper. They know that they have to spend money to make money, but how do they know they are spending money on the right people and marketing activities?

Sadly, there are no guaranteed results … and people who promise them shouldn’t be taken seriously. But there are ways to manage risk in order maximize rewards.

Marketing communications programs from NonProfit Solutions is one of them. We align our interests directly with our clients and mutually determine the measurable objectives of our programs. Then we base part of our compensation on achieving them.

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